Winter Blues

To anyone doing a surch on google and landing on this post must wonder. Why would you write about winter blues on a fishing website.

Well I will tell you. First, if you are a bass fishing lover you know what I’m talking about. Constantly looking outside and seeing snow or this slush we are having this morning here near Ottawa, Ontario.

It is one thing to read about fishing and another to wait for your favorite pastime to come back at the end of June.

Don’t get me wrong winter can be fun, if you can actually practice outside activities. This year our winter sucks, result of a strong el nino apparently.

inside a car dirving along a frosty winter english lane

What do I do meanwhile.

I try to catch up on new techniques people write about online. Visit other website and check out the new items coming out for this season like; new reels, lures, etc. I will post about them later in the month of February. I look at dream destination and stuff.

But the most important one to me and the one that makes winter go a lot quicker is to plan my summer destination with my fishing buddies, Chad best friend and my brother, Tony.

February just started and I already feel like March is at the door, after that in my book fishing is almost here.

As you can see there are several ways to look at this and do but no sence dwelling over things we cannot control.

Here it is.

What about you ? Let me know.




2 thoughts on “Winter Blues

  1. Hi Carl

    I am not a fisher…but I have always wonder why my close friends are so much excited about a new fishing trip… I have realized, with the way that your write about fishing, that fishing is not a logical sport but is rather a full emotions and passion activity. Thanks for sharing your passion with us, Cheers, Jeff

    • You are totaly right Jeff. We dream about the warmer days when we can go back on the water to try to catch the one.
      Thanks for visiting and I hope to see you again.
      P.S. Give it a try one of these days.
      Who knows…

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