My best bass fishing lures

I have a lot of friends telling me they like fishing bass because it’s fun to catch, but are not sure what to use when they are on the water.

They also tell me that often you don’t need much to catch a fish, like bass. Just use a hook and worm.

They are correct, at times, but they don’t really change body of water. As soon as they go somewhere else they don’t know what to use.

Well, here are my best bass fishing lures.

Plastic Wormsworms

Very easy to use an not expensive. The only trick is to be patient when you get a bite. Don’t jerk it right away, give it a bit of slack and then hook it good. I like to use the Gulp Alive ones

Hula Popper HulaPoppers

Probably the one that I have the most fun with and the most spectacular. When the fish is feeding on top make sure to try this one.


Perfect bait fish imitator, easy to use and very effective. I like to use this one when there is a lot of debris. It only sinks when you start reeling it in. The lip touches the branch first, as an example. You give it a bit of slack and retrieve it again after. I keep a few different assortment of colors in my box.

Panther MartinPanther Martin

I call this one my old faithful. Mainly use for trout. I use this one when I’m having a hard time hooking a few. They are very bright in the water and, I guess, make the territorial side of the bass come out. The only down side to this is I tend to catch a lot more small one. I don’t really care sometimes because I release most of my fish anyway.


I have been on lakes where the bass almost only feed on crayfish. Cast away,let it go the bottom and wait a bit. At one point you will probably see your line move a little. Reel in the slack on the line and then, give it a good jerk. Your in business almost every time.

As you can see, I don’t use many different types most of the time. If I don’t succeed with anyone of those. I then try other type, there is so many to choose from. You might wonder why I didn’t put spinner bait, well I don’t have much success with it in the places I fish. Not a favorite for me, but it could be for you.

Let me know what are your favorite lures. I’m curious to know, or let me know what you think of the ones I have mentioned up above.

Thanks for reading and make sure to come again.


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6 thoughts on “My best bass fishing lures

  1. Hi Carl,
    I haven’t been fishing for years and I do miss it.
    We used to river and lake fish in the UK, mainly maggots and sweetcorn etc for bait but used to catch roach, perch and some great tench now and again.
    The hula hoppers look great, nice and colourful, I can imagine getting a fair few bites with those. I can imagine crayfish are a great bait for Bass, I’ve never used crayfish before either.
    Great article, will have to get my fishing gear out and make time to go.
    Cheers Carl,

    • Thanks Simon for visiting
      I know what you mean, often we stop going because of the speed of life or interest change. Never to late to go back and relax.
      Never been to UK. Can you fish bass over there ?
      Come back often

  2. Like Simon it has been a few years since I have been fishing here in Western Australia and previously it was mainly ocean fishing that I did. We do catch bass in the rivers and lakes in Australia but they are mainly found in the rivers, dams and lakes in Eastern Australia. Surface lures are especially effective in catching bass over there and I imagine those hula poppers mentioned in the article would catch a lot of these fish.

    • He James
      I would love to be able to go to Australia to fish. What kind of bass do you guys have over there. Is it like here in Canada, small and large mouth.
      Thanks for visiting and come again.

  3. Hey Carl great article on bass fishing. Thank you for sharing your favorite lures. Honestly I love fishing but I never really tried bass fishing because I never knew where to begin. Now I have an idea and I’m definitely going to give it a shot. Thank you again for sharing and have a great one. I’ll let you know how it goes on my end.

    • Hi Jaime
      I’ telling you, once you have tried it you will fall in live with it and want to go back. Try those lures to start and let me know how things went.
      Thanks for visiting and please come back

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